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The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation Puts its Support Behind the Eminent Edge Foundation

The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation is known for
funding eminent scientists around the world. Over the last two decades, it has financed the research of numerous Nobel Laureates including, Gerald Edelman, Murray Gell-Mann, Stephen Hawking, Kip Thorne, Marvin Minsky, Lawrence Krauss, Lee Smolin and Gregory Benford and has been one of the largest private backers of individual scientists worldwide. The foundation’s substantial backing for the Edge Foundation over the past few years is a logical addition to the list of recipients. Indeed, the Edge Foundation, a think tank and discussion forum for some of the most erudite minds in the sciences and social sciences has been coined as the world’s smartest website and think tank from the UKs Guardian and Observer.

The Edge Foundation was established in 1996 by John Brockman, a socio-kcultural author, agent and expeditor of everything novel and avant-garde. Known simply as the Edge, (much like Bono’s guitarist), the foundation is primarily a website platform where its academic members can show a profile, exchange ideas, advance discussions, lectures and more. And much of what is shared is not just random ideas but purposely, cutting-edge, revolutionary ideas at the frontier of common knowledge: ideas that challenge the speed of light, the existence of a gravitron and things like that.

We live in a mass-produced culture where peoplelimit themselves to secondhand ideas, Brockman asserts. Show me people who create their own reality, who dont accept an ersatz, appropriated reality. Show me the empiricists who are out there doing it, rather than talking about and analyzing the people who are doing it, Brockman asserts.

The Edge’s membership is a roster of more than seven hundred geniuses, illuminati and masterminds including numerous university department heads, authors, PhDs, media personalitites and a host of Nobel Laureates including: chemist, Kary Mullis, economist, Daniel Kahneman, theoretical Physicist, Gerard t Hooft, physicist, Frank Wilczek, theoretical physicist, Waren Heisenberg, chemist and physicist, Leon Lederman, biochemist, Eric Kandel, and neurologist and biochemist, Stanley Prusiner. Famous writers include: Leonard Susskind, Freeman Dyson, Brian Greene, Richard Dawkins and Ian McEwan.

But while its membership is exclusive, its view-ship is not. The Edge remains proudly open t the public and anyone can go to its website to read the members profiles, posted events, lectures and and the essay responses to Brockmans annual question, which last year was: ‘What is your favorite, deep, elegant or favorite explanation?’

Jeffrey Epstein, the founder of the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation, is also a member and has a profile on the site. “Great ideas are not worth much if they are not shared, Jeffrey Epstein asserted. Ideas inspire a new generation of maverick thinkers and that is what we needed.”

The Edge’s open approach originates perhaps from its simple roots: a roving troupe of intellectuals in New York City, called The Realty Club, which from 1981 to 1996 anywhere it could: in restaurants, lofts, homes, at Rockefeller University, the New York Academy of Sciences and hotel ballrooms. But its true philosophy and openness comes from Brockman’s ethos of provoking the world with mind-breaking ideas.

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