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Jeffrey Epstein Education Backs Harvard's Oldest Theatrical Troupe: the Hearty Hasty Pudding

Jeffrey Epstein Education plays an active role in supporting  science education and programs at Harvard University. In 2013 however, its foundation, the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation contributed substantial funds to Harvard's renowned and oldest theater troupe, the Hasty Pudding Institute of 1770. The funding isn't just for the innovative drama work and performances but notably for Hasty Pudding's critical role in supporting public education and the arts for the young in the Cambridge and Boston communities.

The Hasty Pudding Institute was founded in 1770 as a secret society by a precocious group of Harvard students to "uphold friendship and patriotism," The Hasty Pudding Institute soon evolved into a theatrical troupe. Much is written about Hasty's dramatical wit, its plays, the a cappella Harvard Krocodiles, its jubilant roast dinners and famous guests from Elizabeth Taylor to Dame Helen Mirren, who won the actor of the year award in January 2014. But less is known about the Hasty Pudding's important role in serving public education in the local communities.

Indeed, every year the Hasty Pudding gives thousands of dollars and educational support to the West End House Boys and Girls Club, which supports low income families with programs in leadership, life skills, academics, sports, health, the performing arts and free hot meals. Another Hasty Institute program called Page to Stage, supports low income children through the entire playmaking process from conception to performance. Hasty Pudding funds and helps create the sets, costumes and production and mentors each student through each step of the play process: from dramatic coaching to sound and light direction.

"The Hasty Pudding Institute is typically known as an elite and wry drama society," Jeffrey Epstein remarked, the founder of the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation. "But they have grown into a theatrical company that educates and uplifts the young community of Cambridge and Boston. And that is priceless. We are very proud to support them in these efforts."

Jeffrey Epstein Education plays an active role in supporting unique and effective youth programs throughout America, including Head Start initiatives, juvenile offense programs, charter schools in inner cities, such as the Maya Angelou schools, sport programs for the young, university departments and scholarships of all kinds in the arts and sciences.

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